How to sync pictures from Android to the iPad photostream


If you are like me and have the combination of Android phone and iPad tablet, and still would like things to sync up nicely between them I stumbled on a solution online after giving some advice to a friend. She wanted to know whether to get an iPhone 5 or a Samsung Galaxy SIII when she already had an iPad. If there is one thing Apple knows it’s how to build a ecosystem that just pulls you in. While the iPhone 5 is an amazing piece of engineering the only thing for me that set the iPhone apart when already having the iPad was the seamles iCloud photo sync feature. Dropbox og Google+ basically already do the same thing, but it is clunky and not as well done as what Apple has pulled off. I figured I wanted to see if this was possible as I wouldn’t mind the feature myself, and voila! There is a way!

Now this is where I am supposed to blatently flaunt my IT-skills and show my genious solution, but that’s not how the Internet works. If you think about something magic like what I thought I did someone has already done it..

So here!

I decided against putting just the link on twitter as this needs more permanent attention online, it’s a solution to a classic #firstworldproblems that needs the proper attention!

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