IR-extender for AV-stuff

Just figured I would share a tip as I have been planning on bying an IR-extender for ages, but have never gotten around to doing it. If you don’t know what an IR-extender does it simply relays the signals from your remote control through cables and into wherever you have put your PVR, blueray-player or streaming box. This means that I can now close the doors to where I have my stuff without loosing the magic of the remote control.

The one I bought can be found here (norwegian shop), but it is a generic version which I am sure exists everywhere else on the planet as well. Together with my Harmony One remote control this has simplified the remote control situation in our apartment. The next step is a wifi-integrated SQBlaster with Z-Wave support, but so far I haven’t been able to justify the cost of it. The SQBlaster can be integrated with Z-Wave scenes, but as I already have the Harmony remote control and my Apartment 2.0 project is still far from complete I’ll let this one go for now. If you live in Norway you can get the SQBlaster here.


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