How to fit a node zero into a small city apartment

The node zero is something every computer geek needs to have in their apartment/house. A node zero is the place where all your cables come together and form the heart of the house when it comes to gadgets and home automation. I live in a small apartment in the city and there is not extra room, garage or basement where I could place my node zero.. So when we decided it was time to renovate our apartment it was also time to figure out what to do with my chaotic cabling and tons of connected appliances.



The only place in the house where I could get access to natural cooling was in the kitchen where there was already made ventilation holes to the outside. This used to be a partially open wall before we covered it with shelves and storage. In the picture below you can see where my node zero is placed.


My node zero

Node Zero in the kitchen

Node zero open

The picture on the top of the post shows the content of the node zero and as you can tell from this blog my needs are based around having large amounts of storage for videos and pictures as well as home automation gear.

The content of my Node Zero is as follows:

NAS: Synology DS1513+ with 3TBx5 storage disks
Network: ZyXEL Dimension GS1900-24E with 4Tb connection through link aggregation to NAS.
Music: Sonos Bridge
Lights: Philips Hue Bridge
Home automation gateway: Vera Lite
Electricity meter: Current Cost

  • Christopher

    Kjekt at du har blåst liv i bloggen igjen!

    • Det var definitivt på tide ja… kommer mer etterhvert! Har store planer om et nytt blogginnlegg i 2017…

  • Yrjan Lund

    Stilig. Hvor mange Hue lights har du så langt, og i hvilke rom?

    • Har 10 stykker nå, i samtlige rom. Eneste rommene jeg ikke har det er delvis kjøkkenet (led lys under skap) samt badet hvor det er gamle spoter.