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Controlling Tesla with voice using Alexa and Homeseer

Although it has been about two years since my last post on home automation I haven’t been doing nothing, it’s basically laziness and a lack of documentation I’m blaming it on! Since then I have moved from Vera to HomeAssistant and then finally to HomeSeer which is the system that I am currently using. There are plenty of reasons of me taking this journey and I will probably get back to that in a later post, but for now this is to be a guide on how to enable voice control of a Tesla using Alexa and Homeseer. Enjoy!

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Making an old house smart

I recently moved from an apartment in the city to a house in the suburbs outside Oslo. Although the plan is to rebuild a new house here it will have to wait until we can save up some more money. More about the new house can be found here This does give me the opportunity to turn an old ramshackle home into, not going to kid myself here with a proper smart home, but at least a smarter old ramshackle house.

I took down all the gear that I had set up in the old apartment and laid it out on the table to get a view of the components that will form the basis of the smart home setup that I’m starting on.

Smarthus equipment z-wave zigbee

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My daughter controlling the music on the stereo with NFC-tags

It worked! Beta tested the setup I made with my daugher Ada and she loved it! I programmed the various NFC-tags with different types of music and let her chose which songs she wanted to listen to. She can control it by touching the NFC-tags to my phone and starting a song. This was also an excuse to play with my new Hero 3 action cam..