Weekend Projects – Photo canvas in a grid and geeky growth chart

Canvas picture grid living room

Had a rainy weekend here in Norway and figured I could finally finish two of the many projects that I have in the pipeline. I’ve been planning to put some pictures on canvas from the 175 days long trip I took with my girlfriend and friends back in 2009 for a looong time. It is not as delayed as the Kilimanjarovideo that I am working on, but as this project was far less time consuming it was time to get things done.

I ordered 9 canvases from Sumopix, a norwegian company that put a bag of Haribo gummy bears on the back of every canvas I got from them. Kudos! The quality was good, although the pictures were a bit dark. This is the problem with ordering prints, as it is very hard to make sure that your pictures turn out the way your monitor shows them. I have color corrected my monitor, but I still got images that were a bit too dark. Sumopix do have a guarantee of customer satisfaction, but due to me being a lazy ass I never got around to shipping them back. All in all I’m pretty satisfied and recommend everyone who is as slow with this stuff as I am to just go ahead and print your pictures and put them up on your wall, they look a lot better there than on your backed up hard drives. The picture above is the end result after putting them up in my living room. Now this is as far as I will stretch the content of this blog interior design wise..

My second project of the weekend was a redo of geeky-dad’s Geeky Growth Chart. It is published on scribd under the creative commons license so I figured that I could post my metric (sane) version of the magnificent science fiction inspired growth chart that I made for my daughter, Ada. Take a look below! As the picture below is not really usable I have included my .psd file here. This is under the Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike creative commons license. The font I used is the Terminator Real font

Geeky Growth Chart Metric version


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