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Makerprojects: Geeky toddler growth chart

Look what I made! As i wrote in my previous post I borrowed the design from geeky-dad’s Geeky Growth Chart. Yoda is already done, R2-D2 next!

Geekdad growth chart

Ada in front of the growth chart

Kudos to CopyCat Posthuset for printing it with excellent quality at a good price, really recommend them for any similar projects!

Ada just out of a bath on Flickr

Ada just out of a bath on Flickr.

Måtte dele dette bildet av datteren min da det er en del av Sommer 2011 settet på flickr. Da dette primært er en teknologiblogg så lover jeg at jeg ikke følger opp med kostholdstips eller generelle rosablogginnlegg.. uansett, hils på Ada!